About FWAC

The Mission

The Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center's (FWAC) mission as a non-profit organization is to bring proprietary and user-friendly products, services, and information to the public—with an emphasis on the backcountry. This includes wildfires, weather, and avalanches. We are currently piloting a suite of products for the Pacific Northwest. Our team is gearing up for great things. We are have just begun testing a new wildfire threat model, learn more about it!

You can see our portfolio for examples of how we contribute to the local communities.

Sponsors and Donors

There is no way FWAC would survive (period) without sponsors and donors. This collective group of people support FWAC's mission through their financial contributions. We are greatful for all their support! To learn more about donating, visit our donation page.

Looking back to Fire Season 2017

From June 1-Septmber 30, 2017 our Regional Wildfire Map was viewed 723,784 times for an average of 9.5 minutes by users in 9,851 cities and 141 countries. From those users, 29 percent were from Seattle (Washington), Portland (Oregon), and Eugene (Oregon).

Of those users, 60 percent came from organic search results, like Google; 24 percent came from social media, like Facebook and Twitter; and 14 percent came directly to us!

This summer, FWAC received 529 donations from the public, which totaled more than $6,500. FWAC thanks these generous individuals who are helping us grow into a leading fire, weather, and avalanche information organization.

During the fire season, we made numerous fire-related posts on Facebook, which reached more than 2,708,000 people. We also gained 3,449 new fans and followers during this time.

The backcountry isn't a place; it's a lifestyle!

Our Background

FWAC started in February 2017 as the basis for a platform to serve backcountry users—recreationists—and the public. We love, what we call "gettin' out", and wanted to share our awesome tools and services with everyone else. From mountain biking to hiking to snowmobiling; wildfires, weather, and snow (i.e.: avalanches) affect those activities in some way or another. FWAC develops proprietary, leading-edge products and services for our users and followers; they help those people with critical decisions for their daily lives and their backcountry adventures. Our team is comprised of several experts in recreation, weather, technology, and business management. FWAC excels at the leadership of these individuals.

Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, FWAC is given strategic direction and overview from a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors creates annual financial budgets and makes big organizational decisions. We'll add more information about the Board as time goes on.

Corporate Documents
FWAC Organizational Bylaws
Oregon Articles of Incorporation
IRS Tax Exemption ruling
FWAC Media Kit