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Flyover Alpine, Wyoming March 2021
Flyover: Grand Tetons Wyoming 3-31-2021
Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center (FWAC) Wildfire Map
Flyover: Riverside Fire Aftermath and Salvage 11-21-2020
Flyover Flooding Aftermath on South Fork Walla Walla River, July 2020
Flooding Follow Up on Grande Ronde 5-24-2020
River Flooding & Mountain Goats in Eastern Oregon May 21, 2020 in 4k
Flyover Phillips Lake, Sumpter, Oregon May 1 2020
Terrain Choices to Reduce Avalanche Risk on Snow Machines
Raging Grande Ronde River Feb 2020
Flyover Eastern Oregon Flooding Along Blue Mountains Feb 2020
Flyover: Oregon Hwy 204 Flooding & Damage, Elgin Feb 7, 2020
Equipment Purchases 2020 for Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center
Flyover: Lime, Oregon Nov 2019
Flyover Oxbow, Oregon - Hells Canyon Snake River Nov 2019
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