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0% contained
Fire Status
Last Updated
36 mins, 59 secs ago
Fire Start
Friday, March 22, 2024 3:34 PM EDT
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Primary Fire Agency

National Wildfire Coordinating Group

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Basic Incident Details

Last Updated
Sat, Mar 23, 2024 9:57 PM UTC
Incident Type
Fire Discovered
Fri, Mar 22, 2024 6:00 PM UTC
5 fires located on the George Washington NF, VA and West VA lands
Incident Commander
Deborah Beard, ICCI
Paul Varnedoe, ICCI
Southern Area Complex Incident Management Gold Team
Incident Description
38.768888888889, -78.621388888889

Current Situation

Total Personnel
12,915 Acres
Estimated Containment
Sunday, March 31, 2024 2:00 AM EDT
Fuels Involved

Hardwood Litter

Fuel model 9 -hardwood leaf litter. Scattered areas of mountain laurel/rhododendron shrubs in the

Significant Events


Minimal fire activity today. Substantial precipitation fell overnight and is continuing into the morning
hours. Fuels are wet and not conducive to fire spread.

Planned Outlook

Planned Actions
Cove Mountain - will continue securing the fire line on the SE portion of the fire. As the division moves toward patrol status, lending resources when available to adjacent divisions will become necessary to achieve objectives.
Edith Gap - will work on the North end of their fire, establishing the improving a route off the ridge top to a more favorable valley bottom. The South and SW end was tied into an old burn unit and will be improved and monitored.
Capon -has established a good line around the SW edge of the fire, looking for opportunities to identify and improve both dozerline and hand line where necessary.
Waterfall Mountain will identify ridges and roads for use in fire line construction in a more direct
manner. If there is a chance that the weather conditions will be favorable, crews may do some selective direct line where necessary. Work assignments include improving current lines and progressing to the north and south along the private lands. The line has been established to prevent fire spread on the western side of the fire.
Waites Run will secure and patrol existing and established lines on the West and South West Lines.
Scouting routes and possible locations for lines on the East side to tie into existing Roads on the South East portion.
Structure protection will continue structure triage along with local cooperators in the Bunco and Hayden Lake communities.
Projected Incident Activity
12 hours: Minimal fire activity expected overnight. Isolated smokes or smoldering from stump holes or large woody fuels is possible.
24 hours: Minimal fire activity. Fuels remain wet from recent precipitation - although some drying will occur today under full sunshine. Isolated smokes are expected to become more visible around
the fire area. Minor fire activity could occur late in the day with very modest fire spread or growth potential.
48 hours: Fuels continue to dry and could become somewhat available to support fire spread today.
Isolated smokes and smolders are likely, and gentle fire spread is possible. Fire growth could occur if fuels and slope align, but in general, recent precipitation, cool temperatures and moderate relative humidities will keep fire behavior low to medium at best.
72 hours: Fuels continue to dry and are expected to be modestly available to support fire spread. Very cold morning temperatures will delay burn period until later in the afternoon. Relative humidities are expected to be increasing slightly, and winds are not forecast to be strong. Critical fire weather conditions are not expected. Some fire growth possible in areas that are unlined, but major fire growth is not expected.
Anticipated after 72 hours: Clouds are forecast to increase, elevated relative humidity levels are expected and a chance of light precipitation over the next 2 to 3 days will keep fire danger fairly low. Fire behavior is expected to be low during this time as well. Minor fire spread is possible, but major growth or runs are not expected.
North Zone Complex is the following fires: Capon, Cove Mountain, Edith Gap, Waites Run, Waterfall