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62.9 mi
SSW of Jefferson, CO
Last Updated:
10 months ago
Incident #:
Fire Start:
Tuesday, October 8, 2019 6:16 AM MDT

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Incident Overview Updated: 11 months ago

Incident Photo for the Decker Fire

The Decker Fire started on September 8th by a lightning strike, and is located two mile south of Salida on the Forest Service and BLM lands.

Two wildfire strategies are being used on the Decker fire - Contain and Confine.  62% of the fire is under a Contain strategy, while the remaining 38% is under the Confine strategy.  100% of the fire under the Contain strategy is complete. The remaining 38% is being confined by natural barriers and indirect fire line.  The brown lines on the fire map denote these areas that are under a Confine strategy. These areas have minimal threat of impacting values at risk and therefore limited actions are being used.  There are two areas of the fire under the Confine strategy.

The Confine strategy area on the south/southeast side of the fire is being confined by indirect fire lines.  Fire is slowing creeping downhill through an aspen grove and having positive effects on the environment. There are no values at risk in this area of the fire.

The area on the northwest side of the fire is also under a Confine strategy.  This area is rugged and does not have safety zones and escape routes for firefighters and is therefore not safe to insert firefighters.  This area is being managed through continuous monitoring and the use of helicopters to cool the fire as needed. Indirect fire line has been constructed, however; the likelihood of this part of the fire posing a threat to values at risk is minimal due to weather, terrain and the lack of active fire behavior.  If a drying system moves into the area, additional firefighting tactics will be used to further confine the fire in this location.

As operational tempo on the Decker Fire slows, the organization is being right-sized accordingly. An orderly transition to a Type 3 Incident Management Team occurred on Monday, October 28th. 

There are NO remaining evacuations or pre-evacuations in the Decker Fire area.

BLM and Forest Service closures remain in place.  See the Interactive Fire Map of the latest information on closures.

Fremont County reduced fire restrictions to STAGE 1. There are no fire restrictions within unincorporated Chaffee County. Saguache County is in STAGE 2 restrictions. Restrictions on BLM and USFS have been lifted.

Basic Information

Incident Type:
Date of Origin:
Tuesday October 08th, 2019 approx. 12:16 PM
2 miles south of Salida, CO, in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness
Incident Commander:
Matt Spring - ICT3
Incident Description:
38.409, -106.004

Current Situation

Total Personnel:
Size (Acres):
Estimated Containment Date:
Friday December 20th, 2019 approx. 12:00 AM
Fuels Involved:
Closed Timber Litter
Timber (Litter and Understory)
Light Logging Slash
Significant Events:
Two wildfire strategies are being used to manage this fire - Contain and Confine. 62% of the fire is under a Contain strategy, while 38% is under the Confine strategy. 100% of the fire under the Contain strategy is complete.

Planned Outlook

Planned Actions:
As environmental conditions allow, crews will continue to patrol and ensure no threats to the containment lines remain. Crews will continue fire suppression repair.

Fire still burning in wilderness or adjacent to any values will continue to be monitored. Smoke will still be visible as interior islands consume and in areas of Minimal Threat-Limited Action.
Projected Incident Activity:
12 hours: Fire activity will be limited to minimal activity due to snowfall received. There is no potential for spread however smoldering will continue.

24 hours: Forecasted weather with another snow event is predicted. There is no potential for spread however smoldering will continue.
Transfer of command from Great Basin Team 2 to Local Type 3 Team occurred on Monday, October 28th at 7:00 a.m.

Weather Synopsis

Weather Concerns:
Due to the accumulating snow event received this week, minimal fire activity has been observed. No fire weather concerns are expected.

Incident Contact

Incident Contact
Decker Fire Public Information Office
Email: 2019.Decker@firenet.gov
Phone: (719) 626-1095
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily
Fire Unit Information
Rio Grande National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
1803 W. Highway 160
Monte Vista, CO 81144