41.3 mi
ENE of Porterville, CA
Fire Start: Sunday, June 9, 2019 4:32 PM PDT   ·   Last Updated: 2 hours, 51 mins ago
Acres: 523
Location: 41.3 miles ENE of Porterville, CA
Resources: No known resources at this time.
Dispatch Notes: P5l973 (0504)

Current Weather

Fire Growth Potential

Incident Overview Updated: 23 hours, 58 mins ago

Jordan Fire Update

June 15, 2019

Media Contact: Kirstie Butler

Jordan Fire Info Line: (760) 920-7149

Incident Start Date: 6/09/2019 Cause: Lightning Size: 523 acres Containment: 30% Incident Type: Full Suppression Vegetation Type: Brush and timber Agency: Inyo National Forest, U.S.D.A. Forest Service Resources Assigned: Engines: 1 Helicopters: 6 Crews: 8 Total Personnel: 274

Current Situation: The Inyo National Forest Type 3 Incident Management Organization is managing the Jordan Fire led by Incident Commander Todd McDivitt and Incident Commander Trainee Don Shoemaker. The Jordan Fire has been determined to have been caused by lightning. None of the historic structures at Jordan Hot Springs were lost as a result of this fire. Crews continue to make good progress in control line construction on both flanks of the fire up towards Manzanita Knob at 9,121 feet of elevation. Most of yesterday’s fire growth was a result of tactical burning operations firefighters used to remove vegetation between indirect fire lines and the main fire. This provides more depth to the control line and reduces the chances of the fire escaping containment.

The Lone Pine Airport is a busy place these days. It is the temporary home to a small fleet of firefighting helicopters supporting the firefighters on the Jordan Fire. Helicopters of different sizes and capabilities perform many different missions every day. All the firefighters building control lines, support personnel and fireline leadership were flown into helispots close to the fires edge. All the equipment, supplies, food and water to support over 200 personnel for days at a time arrived by helicopter. When the fire gets active, helicopters are called upon to dip water out of the Kern River and drop it to cool the fire’s edge. As was needed over the past couple of days, helicopters were called upon to fly ill or injured firefighters to hospitals for advanced medical care. When the fire is controlled, helicopters will again be called upon to haul out personnel, equipment, and trash, reducing the impact of fire suppression activities in the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Air Support Supervisor Stephan Goldstein has responsibility for leadership of aircraft operations for the Jordan Fire and fills a critical role in meeting the control objectives of the incident. Helibase Manager Matt Quezada directs helicopter operations at the airport from his mobile command trailer orchestrating over 25 missions or flights per day. Support crews, fuel tenders, and dust abatement water trucks move about the airport as needed. Over the fire, Helicopter Coordinator Craig Hall makes sure that all helicopters safely get to the assigned helispot. Over it all, an Air Attack, in a fixed wing aircraft, adds another layer of observation and safety tracking all aircraft over the fire area. Temporary flight restrictions warn all pilots from hang gliders to military aircraft, to stay clear of the fire area.

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Current Situation

Total Personnel:
Size (Acres):
Fuels Involved:
Brush and Post high severity heavy dead and down and standing dead timber.
Significant Events:
Minimal, smoldering and creeping.

Planned Outlook

Planned Actions:
Point projection for the private in-holding, scouting and constructing direct and indirect hand line.
Projected Incident Activity:
Slow spread in heavy dead and down and White Throne brush mostly lateral and down slope
Weather Concerns:
Sustained high temperatures and continued drying of fuels,
thunderstorm threat

Basic Information

Incident Type:
Date of Origin:
Sunday June 09th, 2019 approx. 03:30 PM
26 miles southwest of Lone Pine Ca
Incident Commander:
Todd McDivitt ICT3
36.227, -118.308


Incident Contact
Kirstie Butler
Phone: 760-920-7149
Hours: Sun-Thurs 0830-1800
Fire Unit Information
Inyo National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
351 Pacu Lane
Bishop, CA 93514