Wildfire Incident Report

Prepared: Friday, June 24, 2022 10:18:31 PM PDT

Wildfire Incident Report

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La Grande, OR, USA
Incident #
FWAC Incident ID
Incident Name
Mayfield Fire
Last Updated
Friday, June 24, 2022 10:00 PM PDT
(18 mins, 30 secs ago)
Fire Reported
Thursday, May 12, 2022 3:07 PM PDT
(1 month ago)
Incident Type
5.7 miles NE of Voca, TX
Responsible Agency
State Forest Service
Responsible Fire Unit
Texas A & M Forest Service
Brush (2 feet), Dormant Brush, Hardwood Slash
Control: 5/26/2022 21:19 | Contain: 5/21/2022 22:32 | Out: 5/26/2022 21:19
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Fire Growth Potential
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Incident Overview

At approximately 5 07 pm on May 12th, a wildfire started in San Saba County near the border of San Saba and McCulloch County. approximately 23 miles SW of the town of San Saba. Local fire departments were the first resources on scene and called for assistance from the Texas A&M Forest Service (TAMFS). TAMFS and the Local IC are working in unified command, The fire has been resistant to control and holding heat. The area has experienced above normal temperatures, low relative humidity and drying winds.  On May 17th at approximately 8:30 pm a wind shift occurred and blew the fire across a two track road moving the fire to  the NW toward the river,  Torching and crowning was observed in the junipers and fire is making runs in the grass. The fire potential for additional growth is moderate to high. Mechanized equipment is constructing containment lines areas they can access due to hazards. Engines are working the fire in areas they can access and mopping up along the fireline.  Three Fire Bosses with Aerial Supervision platform were utilized on the fire today to assist with working heat along the line and areas of concern.
Update May 18th@11:15 am-Crews continue to construct line with mechanized where it is safe due to hazards in the areas such as granite rock outcroppings and caves.  Engines are mopping up and patrolling for heat. Fire Bosses will be used as needs to keep fire in check.   Today's weather for the area-Heat Advisory.   
Update May 20th @1130 am - Fire is looking good, few interior smokes showing. Engines and Task Force will continue to patrol and mop up heat along the containment lines.

Incident Contact
Email: mleathers@tfs.tamu.edu
Phone: 9792183030
Hours: S-S 0800 to 2000
Fire Unit Information
Texas A&M Forest Service
College Station, TX 77845
Dispatch Contact
Texas Interagency Coordination Center | Lufkin, TX
Phone: 936-875-4786
Website: https://ticc.tamu.edu/
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