Devils Knob Complex
32.8 mi
ESE of Roseburg, OR
Fire Status:
Last Updated:
35 mins, 14 secs ago
Incident #:
Fire Start:
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 1:00 AM PDT

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Incident Overview Updated: 2 hours, 14 mins ago

Incident Photo for the Devils Knob Complex Fire

The Devils Knob Complex on the Umpqua National Forest is a collection of 25 wildfires that started from lightning strikes on July 29 and August 1. On September 19, Pacific Northwest Team 2, a Type 1 Incident Management Team, assumed command of the complex. The largest among them is the Smith Fire, the only uncontained fire within the complex, that is being managed with a full suppression strategy. Seasonal changes with cooler temperatures, increased precipitation and higher relative humidity in the Smith Fire area has significantly decreased fire behavior. While public and firefighter safety remains the number one priority, fire crews are shifting efforts to patrolling fire perimeters and completing suppression repair of the numerous fires in the complex.

The Big Hamlin, Dismal Creek, Little Applegate, Mule Creek, Section 30 (Railroad) and Wild Cat fires are also fires in the Complex, but have been contained and are in patrol status.

Evacuations: All homes on Ash Valley Road and all homes on South Umpqua Road starting at Dumont Creek Campground to the 28000 block of South Umpqua Road are under a Level 2 “BE SET” evacuation advisory. An interactive evacuation map can be found at www.dcso.com/evacuations www.dcso.com/evacuations. Please contact Douglas County Sheriff’s Office for details.

Closures: There is a temporary area closure in place for the Devils Knob Complex. For additional information see: Umpqua National Forest - Alerts & Notices (usda.gov) .

Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) remain in place over the fires. TFR violations can disrupt aerial firefighting operations and may force fire managers to ground essential aircraft. Wildfires are a no-fly zone for unauthorized aircraft, including drones. If you fly, we can’t.http://knowbeforeyoufly.org.

As of September 18, 2021, the Umpqua National Forest Public Use Restrictions were set to Level 2. For additional information see:  Umpqua National Forest - Land & Resources Management (usda.gov)  As of September 20, 2021, Industrial Fire Precaution Levels were set to the following: Call (541) 957-3489 to learn the current IFPL.

  • Cottage Grove Ranger District – IFPL II (as of September 20, 2021, 11:59 p.m.)
  • Diamond Lake Ranger District - IFPL II (as of September 20, 2021, 11:59 p.m.)
  • North Umpqua Ranger District - IFPL II (as of September 20, 2021, 11:59 p.m.)
  • Tiller Ranger District - IFPL II (as of September 20, 2021, 11:59 p.m.)  

For additional information, please visit the Devils Knob Complex Facebook page.

Videos of daily operational briefings and occasional community meetings can be seen by clicking on this link: YouTube.

Hunting: Getting ready for your big hunt? Know before you go! There are numerous forest closures related to the wildfires that have impacted the state this summer. Check out the forest closures relating to the Devils Knob Complex and other fires that might impact your hunting trip:
 https://nifc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=52a8f61ef92642139deb161c0b0831aaAfter to navigate to the site, in the upper right is a button to show the legend. As you zoom in on the map, you will see the Wildlife Management Units, Fire Evacuation Areas, and Emergency Fire Closures. 

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Basic Information

Incident Type:
Date of Origin:
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 8:00 AM PDT
Fires span across the entire Tiller Ranger District
Incident Commander:
Pacific Northwest Team 2, Rob Allen Incident Commander
Incident Description:
Multiple wildfires
42.979, -122.809

Current Situation

Total Personnel:
Size (Acres):
Estimated Containment Date:
Sunday, October 31, 2021 10:00 PM PDT
Fuels Involved:
Timber (Litter and Understory)
Timber (Grass and Understory)
Hardwood Litter

Primary fuels are a mixed conifer/ponderosa overstory with several degrees of understory. Understory ranges from grass and light shrubs in the meadows and along the forest edges, to heavy dead and down with reproduction mixed in. The heavy shrub/reprod understory is allowing for vertical movement of the fire when burning conditions allow.
Significant Events:

Minimal fire behavior . Fuel conditions are the driest they will be for the period. Heavy fuels continue to hold heat and consume. Lighter fuels may consume in areas that received less rainfall or were protected from the precipitation. Some open fire on Quartz Mtn. No threat.

Planned Outlook

Planned Actions:
Continue to secure, hold, monitor and patrol the control lines throughout the Devils Knob complex. Remove hazards trees that threaten roadways. Backhaul of equipment continues across most of the incident. Suppression repair continues, including chipping and road clearing.

Continue to implement repair plan as conditions allow.
Projected Incident Activity:
12 hours: Minimal fire activity with no significant movement expected. Fire expected to remain within completed and projected containment lines.

24 hours: Minimal fire activity with no significant movement expected. Fire expected to remain within completed and projected containment lines.
The Devils Knob Complex is currently at 70,109 acres.

Ownership Acres:
The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribal Lands: 97 Acres
Private Lands: 1,099 Acres
USFS Land: 68,861 Acres

Daily COVID Situation - 09/25/2021
Currently in Isolation - 0
Currently in Quarantine - 0
New Tests (last 24 hrs) - 0
New Positive Results - 0

Weather Synopsis

Weather Concerns:
One more warm and dry day is expected today ahead of an approaching cold front. Breezy conditions over the ridges can also be expected Sunday prior to the cold front arriving Monday morning.
Rain showers will begin to enter into the region Monday morning with rain likely by noon. This rain is expected to spread into the overnight hours before tapering off Tuesday late morning. There is some potential for temperatures to drop into the mid 30s Tuesday

Drying conditions are now expected late Tuesday and potentially extending into the later part of the week. Models are trying to show some threat of light rain by Friday.

Incident Contact

Incident Contact
Fire information
Email: 2021.devilsknob@firenet.gov
Phone: 541-900-6133
Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily
Fire Unit Information
Umpqua National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Roseburg, OR 97471