Rough Patch
39.4 mi
SSE of Springfield, OR
Fire Status:
Last Updated:
23 mins, 30 secs ago
Incident #:
Fire Start:
Thursday, July 29, 2021 1:55 PM PDT

Current Weather

Fire Growth Potential

Fire Weather Forecast

Incident Overview Updated: 3 hours, 48 mins ago

Incident Photo for the Rough Patch Fire

Summary: The Rough Patch Complex started July 29 when 20-plus lightning starts resulting from thunderstorms in the area.  Several more fires were added to the complex including the Jack Fire when another storm moved through August 1, bringing the total identified fires to 42. Northwest Incident Management Team (IMT) 13 (Type 2) managed the Complex along with the Jack fire.

On August 16, 2021, the Great Basin Management Team 2 (Type 1 IMT) assumed command of the fire at 6:00 a.m. Total size of the Rough Patch Complex was  12,956 acres. Several smaller fires had been contained by this time, with the largest fires being the Chaos, Little Bend Creek, Near Minky and Buckhead.

On August 28th, Northern Rockies Team 1 (Type 1 IMT) assumed command of the fire at 6:00 a.m.  The Rough Patch Complex then consisted of four fires: Chaos, Little Bend, Buckhead and Near Minky.  
On September 9, Great Basin Management Team 2 (type 1 IMT) assumed command of the fire at 6:00 a.m. The Rough Patch Complex continues to consist of four primary fires, Chaos, Little Bend, Buckhead and Near Minky.  The Smith Fire from the Devils Knob Complex is now in close proximity to the Near Minky Fire but managed by another incident management team. 

The Rough Patch Complex is being managed under a full suppression strategy. Public and firefighter safety is the number one priority. In addition, protection of communities, timber resources, private property, highway corridors and recreational improvements are key considerations.

Closures & Additional Information:
Fire closures are in place on BLM lands and the Umpqua National Forest. Please see the Closure tab above or click on the links below.

  • Umpqua National Forest Closure Area
  • BLM Closure & Map

Fire Restriction information: 

  • Umpqua Public Use Restriction – Level 3 Fire Restrictions
  • Level IV Industrial Fire Precaution Level restrictions are in effect for the Umpqua National Forest
  • Level III Industrial Fire Precaution Level restrictions are in effect for the Douglas Forest Protective Association 

Temporary Flight Restrictions for the Rough Patch Complex and Jack Fires can be found here and here
No Drone Zone! If you fly, we can’t! - Please visit knowbeforeyoufly.org 
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Basic Information

Incident Type:
Date of Origin:
Thursday, July 29, 2021 8:55 PM PDT
Calapooya Divide
Incident Commander:
Tony DeMasters, Incident Commander, Great Basin Incident Management Team 2
Incident Description:
43.511, -122.676

Current Situation

Total Personnel:
Size (Acres):
Estimated Containment Date:
Sunday, October 31, 2021 12:00 AM PDT
Fuels Involved:
Closed Timber Litter
Timber (Litter and Understory)
Timber (Grass and Understory)

All dead fuels are dry, ignite readily, and contribute to fire spread. Live fuels are rapidly curing, trending towards dormancy and are more likely to contribute to fire spread.
Significant Events:
Active Uphill Runs
Group Torching

Near critical fire weather with low relative humidity and windy conditions led to active fire behavior today. Surface runs, group torching and spotting was observed. The fire continues to move to the north and east.

Planned Outlook

Planned Actions:
Across the Rough Patch Complex crews will monitor and locate spot fires, continue to fortify existing line. Strategies and tactics were developed to mitigate the spot fires occurring from changing erratic forecasted fire weather. Evaluate impacts of precipitation and wind that occurred over the fire area for the next 72 hours. Planned actions will fluctuate with assessment of these conditions.
Projected Incident Activity:
12 hours: Rain will raise fuel moistures and keep fire behavior to a minimum and stall growth.

24 hours: A cool and wet pattern is forecasted for the weekend which will put a pause on fire growth and limit fire behavior.

48 hours: A cooler and wetter pattern is forecasted for the weekend which will put a pause on fire growth and limit fire behavior

72 hours: Cool but dry conditions will limit fire behavior and growth. Fuels will slowly being to dry.

Anticipated after 72 hours: Cool but dry weather will limit growth. Fuels will slowly begin to dry.

Weather Synopsis

Weather Concerns:
Very dry air remained over the complex Friday, with minimum relative humidity bottoming out in the low teens across many of the upper slopes and ridges. Winds were south-southwesterly with gusts up to 20-22 mph during the afternoon once the smoke cleared. Temperatures were warmer as highs pushed into the 70s and low 80s across the fire area.

A strong weather system will push through the area early Saturday morning through Sunday with widespread wetting rains expected. Rain chances increase by daybreak Saturday with heaviest rainfall into the afternoon Saturday. Rain showers continue overnight Saturday into Sunday with total accumulation 0.75-1.5". Given the strength of the system and the complex terrain, locally higher amounts are possible. Strong southwesterly winds will impact the area, with gusts 15 to 30 mph at times Saturday and early Sunday. Dry and warmer weather returns to the region Tuesday.

Incident Contact

Incident Contact
Rough Patch Fire Information
Email: 2021.RoughPatch@firenet.gov
Phone: 541-482-1331
Hours: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Fire Unit Information
Umpqua National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Roseburg, OR 97471