FWAC Services & Products

Help support the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center by customizing our services for your local area. A small monetary amount for these services help us continue to provide new and innovative tools for you!

Wildfire Map

Our fire map is a first of it's kind! Using several feeds and bring everything fire related into one centralized map to keep you aware of local wildfires, as well as bigger fires that we all see in the news. Custom this map for your local area—whether you're local media or emergency management, both you and your followers will benefit from this product.

SnøStorm Dashboards and Map

A never-before-seen dashboard of realtime snow and incident information from multiple government feeds. We started this product in Oregon, but have already expanded it to critical areas of Washington, Idaho, and California. The best way to learn and custom this for your area is to see the live demo.

Backcountry Webcams

We've developed a method to install webcams in backcountry locations bringing the images live to the web for the public to view on timed intervals (eg: every minute, every hour, etc.). We are currently testing some new technologies to make our infrastructure and setup more reliable.

FWAC Fire Model

This new fire weather index will be a better predictor of current fire weather conditions, analyzing the potential for a wildfire to grow, and how threatening that fire may be. The model will be easy for everyone to understand using a basic green-yellow-red color scale. Model was released May 2018.

Wildland Fire Størm Dashboards

In addition to our Wildfire Map, we have built convenient dashboards that shows wildfires, fire weather forecasts, nearby firefighting resources, and more for local areas. These dashboards are live and updated as frequently as we process information from numerous sources.

Mountain Snø Forecast

The specialized Mountain Snø Forecast is the only snow forecast produced specifically for the mountains. Forecasts are handcrafted by a team of dedicated, qualified meteorologists with decades of combined experience. Their skills integrate well into our avalanche prediction model. The snow forecast can be replicated for any mountain range.

Avalanche Prediction: Slope or Nope Model

This new avalanche prediction model, called the Slope or Nope Model (also dubbed the SløNø Model), gives backcountry recreationists the ability to simply understand avalanche threat when out in the snow. This model is updated multiple times per day versus normal avalanche forecasts.

Local Forecasting

This is not your average weather forecast. We employ several trained human forecasters, meteorologists with over 20 years of combined experience. Our custom local forecasts are ideal for the mountains and anywhere that's not a city (but we can do that too). Your custom forecast is backed by a team of experts who have what it takes to get the weather to you anyway you need it.


Please contact us at info@fireweatheravalanche.org to customize any of these products for your area!

Future Services/Products

Gø-NøGø Model

The Gø-NøGø Model will be a massive conglomerate of information complied into one model aimed at predicting hazardous winter road conditions, and showcasing webcam and aerial photography, targeted satellite imagery, and more. Set for release Winter 2020-2021.