Coal Hollow Fire


Incident #: DAN
Fire Start: 8 months ago
Location: 20.4 miles N of Fairview, UT
Acres: 31,661
Agency: Moab Interagency Fire Center (UT-MFC)
Resources: MLF-8333; P4 L2QV (0410);
Dispatch Notes: 31661

Current Weather

Fire Growth Potential

Incident Overview

Updated: 1 hour, 24 mins ago — Coal Hollow Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team assembled Aug. 29 and began its assessment of the Coal Hollow Fire burn scar. It is under the direction of Mike Natharius, a soil scientist. The team will perform a burned area survey to determine if emergency treatments are warranted. They are looking at natural and cultural resource damage and potential for damage from the first damaging post-fire rain event. BAER team surveys are rapid assessments of the burned area that evaluate the burned watersheds and determine the potential for increased post-fire flooding, sediment flows, and rock slides that may have unacceptable risk to life, property, natural or cultural resources.The Forest Service program is aimed at managing imminent unacceptable risks to human life and safety, property, or critical natural and cultural resources due to potential damaging events generated or exacerbated by wildfire. They will also assess the potential for spread of noxious weeds and public safety...


Incident Contact
Rosann Fillmore
Phone: 435-650-4149
Hours: M-F 9-5
Fire Unit Information
Manti-Lasal National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
599 West Price River Drive
Price, UT 84501

Basic Information

Date of Origin
Wednesday August 29th, 2018 approx. 01:00 AM
15 miles southeast of Spanish Fork
Incident Description
Coal Hollow Baer Team Is Assessing The Coal Hollow Fire Scar.
39.951 latitude, -111.403 longitude

Current Situation

Total Personnel
Significant Events
BAER team is assessing Coal Hollow Fire scar for threats to life, safety and property


Planned Actions
Continue assessment