FWAC Wildfire Map version updated 10 months ago

2022 Change Log

Version 6.6.1-3 (Sept 4, 2022)

  • Made styling changes to wildfire perimeters
  • Fixed issues with perimeters show in archived fire maps
  • Resolved caching issues for historical wildfire data

Version 6.6.1-2 (Sept 2, 2022)

  • Resolved issues causing some fires to not show
  • Implemented new satellite fire detection data
  • Other styling updates

Version 6.6.1 (August & September 2022)

  • Updated iconography for wildfire incidents to make things more concise for users
  • Map will remove "smoke checks" after 1 day if incident isn't changed to "wildfire" and/or is listed as "0 acres"
  • Added wind direction to weather observations
  • Fixed styling issues with popup when you click on weather alerts
  • Updated API to fix some issues with fires showing as "0 acres"
  • Added additional caching capabilities to reduce number/size requests from server
  • Fixed issues with AlertWildfire cameras not showing on map
  • Changed API for satellite heat detection layer
  • Fixed issues with the filter tool on the map; now allows for filtering by size and time, not just one or the other

Version 6.6 (July 19, 2022)

  • Fixed nomenclature surrounding "smoke check" incidents
  • Removed wildfire perimeters for incidents that have a status of "out"
  • Changed some object naming
  • Fixed some issues with wildfire map settings saving to user accounts

Version 6.5.2 (May 27, 2022)

  • Fixed layout issues with fire data that was cutting off the text, leaving some users unable to fully read the content
  • Added a new API to address some gaps with when fires are listed as "contained", "controlled", or "out"

Version 6.5.1 (May 20, 2022)

  • Upgraded Leaflet version 1.7.1 to 1.8
  • Fixed a few style issues
  • Bug fixes

Version 6.5 (April 1, 2022)

  • Numerous design and styling updates were made
  • Changed fire weather graphing software to Google Charts SDK
  • A new design for individual wildfire incident pages was built
  • Up/down arrow & enter keys now work to choose between various search results
  • Added a tooltip on load to show users where map legend is due to past confusion, according to user feedback
  • Fire count updates when user is using the filter tool
  • Fixed wind data issues and make basemap change to dark tiles automatically on layer toggle for better visualization
  • Added current wildfire statistics to map, available by button click
  • Updated Font Awesome icon library from v5.15.x to v6.1.0
  • Moved user account panel from left to right side of map
  • Change radar source from NWS to third-party provider with higher resolution colors and rain vs snow coloring
  • Added user ability to animate radar imagery from the last 2 hours
  • Added user ability to change map settings from the map without having to go to user account
  • ESRI query library updated from 3.0.3 to 3.0.8

iOS Changes (Version 1.0)

  • Offical FWAC iOS app is available on the Apple App Store

Android Changes (Version 2.5.2)

  • Continued to fix bugs in software that were causing the app to crash for some users
  • Added native login/create account abilities, including Google and Facebook logins
  • Updated for Android 12
  • Added APIs to share additional data between server and app

2021 Change Log

Version 6.2 (August 2021)

  • Made changes to search feature that shows results substantially faster
  • Implemented new Google sign-in protocol
  • Fixed bugs with wildfire perimeters naming
  • Upgraded ESRI querying code
  • Fixed styling issues on wildfire incident information pages

Version 6.1 (July 2021)

  • Fixed additional issues with wildfire perimeters
  • Fixed issues with South Dakota incident numbers
  • Improved algorithm to further limit duplicate fires on the map
  • Added evacuation zones for Oregon to the layers menu

Version 6.0.2 (June 2021)

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added animated wind layer to the weather category of layers
  • Fixed issues with wildfire perimeters not showing

Version 6.0.1 (May 2021)

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added top most-clicked fires to search feature
  • Added drought conditions as a layer

Version 6.0 (April 2021)

  • Routine bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with basemaps not showing due to incompatible database values
  • Added context menu feature to get various information about a point on the map based on a "right-click" from desktop version of the map
  • Made changes to algorithm to show more relevant wildfires on the map
  • Changed iconography to help users find what they're looking for
  • Moved map legend button from the tools menu to underneath the search tool
  • Legend button changed from "layers" to "list" icon for more clarification
  • Moved FAQ button (question mark symbol) to tools area
  • Changed layers menu icon to "layers" instead of "bars" icon
  • Load times for wildfire perimeter polygons fixed
  • Wildfire perimeters loaded directly from NIFC instead of FWAC database
  • Weather station layer was modified to show current temperatures on map instead of just an icon
  • Added link to retrieve past weather conditions near individual fires
  • Added ALERT Wildfire cameras to the map for premium users
  • Updated login modal design and added both Facebook and Google buttons as login options
  • When clicking on a fire, the default action will open the fire information modal instead of a smaller popup box (this option can be changed in a user's account)
  • Issues were fixed with user session data not saving to accounts
  • Added an icon to indicate a user's internet connection status (bottom right corner)
  • Fixed several issues with National Weather Service's watches, warnings, and advisories
  • Updated the layers menu to categorize individual layers by type in openable/closable groups
  • Added a way to save which layer groups are opened/closed for the duration of a user's session
  • Added a way to minimize filter tool when in use to reduce amount of screen it takes up
  • Made the icons in the tool menu larger for ease of use
  • Resized icons for fires between 100 & 1000 acres
  • Added FAA Sectional basemap for premium users
  • Fixed issues with the USFS road network layer
  • Added a fire lookouts layer
  • Made design & styling changes to wildfire incident details page
  • Added Open Street Map basemap to wildfire incident details page
  • Added a filter to the filter tool to include or exclude only CAL FIRE fires
  • Added code to show user if they're offline before doing certain events (such as viewing specific wildfire details)
  • Made updates and changes to user accounts for self-management of wildfire map settings
  • Added a setting to allow custom color for wildfire perimeters if user is a FWAC member

2020 Change Log

Version 5.0.3 (July 2020)

  • Regular bug fixes and improvements
  • Added tool to present several important pieces of GIS information by clicking on the map
  • Accout menu shows user's member type and whether they have access to premium features

Version 5.0.2 (June 2020)

  • Regular bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.0.1 (May 2020)

  • Updated tiles for weather radar
  • Added ability to determine fuel type, when fuel type layer is on, by clicking on the map
  • Updated algorithm to show relevant wildfire perimeters
  • A new method was instituted to make loading and viewing archived fires easier and faster
  • Point-click fire weather forecast issues were fixed
  • Modifications made to lightning data to speed up load time through caching
  • Map elements are now rendered in Canvas instead of through DOM-manipulation; decreases load time for map users

Version 5.0 (April 8, 2020)

  • True North Gear was added as title sponsor in various places
  • Added the ability to filter wildfires by size and by time
  • Added the ability to request fire weather forecasts from the tools menu
  • Added the ability to search using zip codes
  • Updated the FontAwesome library to the latest version
  • Redesigned multiple features and updated colors
  • Redesigned wildfire incident pages
  • Redesigned the layout of the map to eliminate redundancy in header, and allow more space for various features (use more overlays on the map for settings, overlays, etc.):
    • Fire info and WWA modal layout
    • Layers menu (added different styled checkboxes)
    • Added user menu in separate panel from layers
    • Search feature redesigned and moved
    • Added a help guide to the map for users' questions
    • New design for popups when you click on different markers
    • Added information to show responsible fire unit's logo if it matches a larger agency (eg: USFS, BLM, CAL FIRE, etc.)
    • Moved several pieces of data to be loaded asynchronously instead of through DOM rendering
  • Made several important algorithm and API updates:
    • API formatting will make processing easier (speeds up load times)
    • Updated wildfire incident numbers in database to match standard and reduce the redundant formatting of the incident number throughout the website
    • Fixed the algorithm to show the most relevant city closest to the fire (eg: 17.3 miles NE of Paradise, CA)
  • Modified how user settings are saved manually and automatically
  • Added a new database to get the responsible/managing fire unit (eg: ORWWF = USFS/Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)
  • Added a "my fires" feature for users to "follow fires" of their choosing
  • Removed Oregon-only highway incidents from the map
  • Fixed timezone issues with fire weather forecast chart and removed the process from rendering in DOM; put it into asynchronous JavaScript with caching system; and upgraded Chart.js to latest version
  • Added secondary tileset (satellite) to incident details page
  • Added the last updated date of wildfire perimeters
  • Updated the way fire perimeters are gathered and disseminated
  • Fixed several permissions issues
  • Added MODIS satellite fire/heat detections
  • Added USFS boundaries to map
  • Fixed the login script to keep authenticated users logged in more securely
  • Allowed winter advisories, watches, and warnings from November-March to show on the map

2019 Change Log

Version 4.13 (August 2019)

  • (8/15) Updated formatting of wildfire incident numbers to conform with the quasi-standardized national format (eg: ID-BOF-000001 vs. 2019-IDBOF-000001)
  • (8/13) Designed a new layout for the FGP model using a gradient instead of solid colors
  • (8/13) Fixed issues with the login system to help keep users logged in; especially users logged in on multiple devices
  • (8/8) Added a feature to allow users to decide whether they want their map settings remembered automatically every 5 minutes
  • (8/2) Fixed several programmatic issues with the search feature; moved this feature to our APIs
  • Continued improving code on our servers that gather fire data and built a more intelligent reverse geocode script

Version 4.12 (July 2019)

  • Continued improving code on our servers that gather fire data at a very, constant rate
  • Fixed various bug and formatting issues
  • (7/26) Added a scale bar in miles for reference to the map

Version 4.1 (May 2019)

  • (5/17) Updated jQuery, Leaflet, and FontAwesome libraries

Version 4.0 (May 2019)

  • Added feature to get nearby GIS locations via the "i" symbol on the side
  • Reformatted the zoom in/out buttons, basemap selector, and other buttons (left side)
  • Increased font size in several areas for easier readability
  • Added CSS-styled tooltips to several buttons and functions on the map to give users more information about what they're clicking on (hover over buttons on left)
  • Changed several symbols to better portray their intended purposes
  • Added login option from "donate popup" for existing users, so they don't have to click into the main menu to login
  • Added highway incidents/closures (Oregon only at this time; more states to come later)
  • Update search feature to return more relevant results and search more FWAC databases at an increased speed
  • New format for wildfire details popup (modal)
  • New, faster overlay for lightning data
  • Only shows last 1 hour and last 24 hours to improve server performance and erroneous loading issues
  • Additional APIs added for data communication for various information
  • Slight menu redesign for UI and functionality
  • Fix nearest city API to show the nearest city, and the most populated
  • Bug fixes and code improvements
  • Fixed several broken links in several places
  • Fix bugs with wildfire archive features
  • Add loading circle while data is processing to show users "something is happening"
  • Fix cron jobs to reduce duplicate/irrelevant fires, increase speed, and verify accuracy with dispatch center data
  • Continue fixing to mobility issues with full page fire incident details
  • Verify fire map shows correctly in Android app

2018 Change Log

Version 3.0 (May 2018)

  • Bug and code fixes to make more efficient
  • Added cities into map search based on user input of city, state, and/or zip code
  • Re-added lightning overlay with caching error fixes
  • Made variables static javascript instead of dynamic PHP
  • Updated loading icon; used SVG vs GIF
  • Fix nearest weather station API
  • Updated layers menu UI
  • Remove SPC thunderstorm outlook; add weather alerts (SVR, TOR, RFW) in GIS format
  • Move legend to a different place
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