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Our Meteorologists

The team of meteorologists at FWAC work many volunteer hours to provide weather forecasts for various aspects of our products and services. They are highly qualified and chosen from a very competitive pool of canidates.

Jeff Kuhn

Ever since Jeff was young, he has always been fascinated with the weather. This was the drive that lead him to pursue a degree in meteorology. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2015 with a B.S. in Atmospheric Science and minor in Applied Mathematics. To this day, the weather still fascinates Jeff.

Katelynn Hein

A native of western New York, Katelynn grew up with a keen interest in the ever-changing weather. Her interest developed into a passion after experiencing and studying severe weather events in high school, leading to her getting her B.S. in Meteorology from SUNY - The College at Brockport. Joining FWAC in 2016, Katelynn has enjoyed providing forecasts for eastern Oregon, making sure users have the information they need to safely get through potentially hazardous weather situations. When not forecasting, Katelynn enjoys walking along local nature trails, reading fantasy novels, playing video games, and waiting for the latest forecast models to drop (yes, really).

Tori Bush

Tori has been interested in weather for as long as she can remember; so much so that she's known she wanted to be a meteorologist since elementary school. Tori graduated with honors from Iowa State University with a B.S. in Meteorology. A few months later, Tori accepted a position as a marine meteorologist/voyage planner at Weathernews, Inc. in Norman, Oklahoma, where she gives routing/navigation and weather advice to cargo ships and other types of vessels. She also is a volunteer with the Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center, giving daily forecasts. In her personal time, Tori likes to focus on hobbies, such as cooking/baking (mostly desserts), drawing, playing video games, and practicing taekwondo. She recently received her first-degree black belt, and plans to continue for as long as she can!

Virginia Rux

The majority of Virginia's life has been within western Washington, but she lived in southern California for a few years. She received her B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences (2016) from the University of Washington. For two years following, Virginia contributed her technical skill-set towards Alaskan oceanography, fisheries, and ecosystems research. Additionally, she's partnered on a project framework that would evaluate the skill of a high-resolution weather model to assist in wildfire research and decision support. Virginia is a member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and has volunteered at the annual meetings on a few occasions. Her forecasting experience began in 2014 for a group of rowers traveling on the Mississippi River and she's been forecasting regularly ever since. When not studying the weather, Virginia's a pet stylist, an artist, a gardener, a traveler, and a rally-racing enthusiast with her family.

Join the FWAC team

We primarily hire volunteer meteorologists (forecasters) to fulfill our backcountry forecasts and provide critical weather information to the public and a growing number of backcountry recreationists. As a regional organization, we can provide numerous opportunities for recently-graduated meteorlogists, or those who enjoy it as hobby. In the winter, our forecasts supplement avalanche forecasts and our SnøStorm dashboards. During the summer, we use forecasts to enhance our wildfire map and backcountry recreation forecasts. However, we hire for internships, Board of Directors positions, and others throughout time.

Current Job Openings & Availablilites

There are currently no volunteer job openings. Check back later!