Critical information for the backcountry

Our Products, Your Needs

Our Wildfire Map, Winter Road Conditions feature (SnøStorm Dashboards), and other products help you make critical decisions about your day that are relevant to whatever you plan on doing.

Snow Forecast

Winter Weather & Road Conditions SnøStorm Dashboards

Check local winter road and snow conditions across various areas in the western United States that we've identified as "big snow" areas.

Public safety information with focus on backcountry users.

The FWAC Mission

The Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center's (FWAC) mission as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is to bring proprietary and user-friendly products, services, and information to the public—with an emphasis on the backcountry. This includes wildfires, weather, and avalanches. We are currently piloting a suite of products for the Western U.S. Our team is gearing up for great things. We are currently building new tools all the time, but could always use support from you to bring these features to life!

Get in the know!

Stay up to date on the latest wildfire, weather, and snow information from the Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center.