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Freeway Road Closure Forecast

The first of it's kind, road closure forecast will be presented by FWAC over Winter 2017! We are busy preparing a never-before-seen model that accesses road conditions and makes a prediction about the liklihood of a road closure based on a proprietary algorithm. This model will also make suggests as to the chance of your travels being good, or "not so good." We will be demoing this product for Oregon first, before extending it to other states!


Public safety information with focus on backcountry users.

The FWAC Mission

The Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center's (FWAC) mission as a non-profit organization is to bring proprietary and user-friendly products, services, and information to the public—with an emphasis on the backcountry. This includes wildfires, weather, and avalanches. We are currently piloting a suite of products for the Pacific Northwest. Our team is gearing up for great things. We are also testing a new avalanche vulnerability prediction model for release in late Fall 2017. So, get ready!